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Bruno S

Bruno's images embody the way he relates to the world - they're candid, honest, natural and warm; and they always manage to find the amazing in everyone. He has an extensive background in image manipulation, printing and graphic design - this is where he fell in love with photography! Bruno is hardworking, focused and energetic - he immerses himself in all aspects of the shooting process - camera, lighting, editing, and web design. Bruno's style is introspective, non-disturbing, artistic and photojounalistic.

Ellysia F

Ellysia is a Brookline based photographer with a degree in photojournalism from Boston University, and a love for love. She loves romantic comedies but doesn’t think they do justice to the love visible on her couple’s wedding day. Her style is a mix of photojournalistic and artistic. She loves to capture the moment, as it is, in the most beautiful way possible. One of her favorite moments during the wedding is when the couple says their own hand-written vows, sharing letters they wrote each other in the past, or telling a story that happened between the two of them.