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Arthur S

I am a professional photographer and I have been working in the area of photography since a very early age. I began training with my uncle who was teaching me how to photograph with an old Soviet camera called “Zenit”. Back in those days we didn’t have digital cameras, and everything was done on film. Together we took photographs, processed films and observed the processed negative with the help of magnifying glass. Lastly, we would choose the best photos and manufacture them using exposure – development – printing process with the help of sophisticated hardware: special photosensitive chemicals, enlarger, special photo-paper, dark room with special lighting used in the photo-manufacturing process, toning solutions, as well as trays, measuring glass ware, thermometers, drying screens, timers, mixing and stirring paddles, and paper cutters. This process was so breathtaking that its difficult for me to fully convey the excitement and emotions that it had on me. Since then, many years have passed, but I enjoyed every aspect of photography so much that it has forever penetrated my soul and the dream of becoming a professional photographer was born. As a photographer, I’ve been working professionally since the beginning of 2002. Prior to making the art of photography life’s work, I conducted multiple amateur photo shootings, thoroughly studied the art of photo-theory and technology, diligently studied the works and techniques of the most famous and most accomplished wedding photographers of Europe as well as attended multiple master classes offered by recognized American masters of photography. Eventually with hard work and determination I was ranked on the list as being one of top 5 photographers of the whole Russian Federation. I am very humbled to have such an accomplishment under my belt.