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Vlad F

Vlad has been into photography since he was 15 years old (almost 30 years at this point). He graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Photojournalism and has worked as a freelance photographer for many media outlets in Moscow, Russia. Having started his wedding career in 2003, he has photographed and captured on film hundreds of weddings. Vlad’s philosophy is that every wedding is unique, the key is to find that something special about each couple and try to reflect that in his images. With a photojournalist background it has given him a good eye for catching those special moments that happen at every wedding but can easily be missed if not able to recognize and capture them. A successful photographer or cinematographer must have the ability and flexibility to handle any unpredictable situation on a busy wedding day and still deliver consistent quality images. You can trust Vlad with your wedding and your memories.